By Way Of An Introduction

So here’s the nutshell: I’m a liberal transsexual lesbian feminist geek, a veteran tabletop player, a dedicated gamer and a lifelong fan of SF & fantasy. Everything on this blog represents only my personal opinion, and is not intended to represent or reflect upon my present or past employers, any organizations I might work with, or, well, basically anyone who isn’t me. I like my fandom like I like my buffets: a little bit of everything. This is the diary of a random fangirl.

Still here? Hi! I’m Cassandra. You may also know me as Themiscyra. I was raised on a steady diet of Star Trek, Isaac Asimov and D&D, and my interests now include, oh, basically everything. Seriously. The full list of everything I love would overwhelm this blog.

For the past three years, I’ve been testing video games. In addition, I’m a writer and an aspiring novelist (my first novel, Fall, is currently in the works), a game designer (mostly tabletop, and mostly on an amateur level, but I’m branching out), and a pretty awesome vocalist on Rock Band. I was a finalist in the Omegathon at PAX East 2011 – the first female contestant to reach the finals at any Omegathon on either coast – and I’ll be a returning contestant at PAX East 2012. In my spare time, I like to play Rock Band, City of Heroes and Mass Effect.

I’m something of an activist, and there will be some socio-political stuff on this blog. I consider myself a feminist and a liberal. I’m staunchly in favor of equal rights for all. I don’t tolerate homophobia, transphobia or misogyny. That said, I’m not perfect and I may make missteps. Don’t go thinking I have the final word on anything.

My guilty pleasures (many of which are problematic, and sometimes lead to ranting) include the Sookie Stackhouse novels, The Vampire Diaries (TV show – haven’t read the books), The Secret Circle (ditto), and Twilight femslash. You can blame my friend Katie for introducing me in some way to most of these, though she’ll be the first to tell you the femslash part is alllll me. (Yes, I have read Twilight. Yes, it was Katie’s fault. No, the nightmares haven’t stopped.) So, all in all, no, I am not cooler than you. I am a dork.

On a personal note, I have three cats and a holy crap adorable niece. I don’t need much prompting to squee about any or all of these. Particularly annoying comments may be met with a rapid change in subject so I can indulge in such squeeing.


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