2013 Boston QUILTBAG Gamer Meetup


In 2010, PAX East came to Boston for the first time, and thousands of gamers from all walks of life came with it. And if you have any experience with the QUILTBAG community, you know that when you get enough of us together, we WILL party. Sadly, the big gay party at that inaugural con was 21+, meaning that a significant chunk of our community was excluded. I took it upon myself to organize an all-ages, all-inclusive meetup when the con returned in 2011, and again in 2012, and apparently I’m just crazy enough to do it all a third time.

This year, once again, tens of thousands of gamers are set to descend upon our fair city. And a whole hell of a lot of them are going to be gay. Or bi. Or trans. Or otherwise outside of the mainstream. And whether you’re attending PAX East or not, this is a golden opportunity to meet and mingle with a whole lot of awesome gamers from across the country and around the world.

So what’re you waiting for? Let’s party.


WHEN: Friday, March 22nd, 2013, from 7 pm to 9 pm

WHERE: Uno Chicago Grill, 731 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115

WHAT: Food. Soft drinks. And, most importantly, the opportunity to meet a whole lot of awesome gamers from Boston and beyond.

WHO: You! Are you gay? Bi? Trans? Queer? Questioning? Asexual? An ally? As long as you’re into games and down with the QUILTBAG crowd, you’re more than welcome to attend.

HOW: This year, we’ll be selling tickets at just under $17.50 a pop. The ticket price will include soft drinks, a limited selection of entrees, and Granny Smith apple pie or a brownie sundae for dessert. You can register for the event at http://quiltbag2013.eventbrite.com/



What exactly does QUILTBAG stand for, anyway?
*deep breath*

Q! Queer! Questioning!
U! Unidentified!
I! Intersex!
L! Lesbian!
T! Transgender! Transsexual! Transvestite! Two-Spirit!
B! Bisexual!
A! Allied! Asexual!
G! Gay! Genderqueer! Gamer!


I’m not going to PAX East. Can I still attend?
Yes! While this event is loosely connected to PAX East (a whole slew of gamers will be in town, so it’s an awesome time to do it), it is not an official convention event. No one will be checking for badges at the door. Everyone is welcome.

Will there be alcohol at this event?
You may need to go to the bar for it, and you will need to pay for it yourself, but you should be able to get booze if you’re 21 or over and you want to imbibe.

Can I bring my partner to this event? Even if they’re not a gamer?
Yes and yes. This is a celebration of our community, and if your partner wants to join you, they are completely welcome – just as long as we have room for you, that is! While the focus of this event is firmly on the gaming community, I’m not going to tell anyone to leave their partner at home even if they’re NOT gamers or industry professionals. (This does apply in the plural as well, for our polyamorous guests.)

I’m bisexual, can I still attend?

I’m transgender, can I still attend?

I’m still figuring out my sexuality, can I still attend?

I’m asexual, am I welcome?

I’m straight but gay-friendly, can I still attend?

I’m gay, can I still attend?
…I…uh…what? Yes.

I’m a honey badger, can I attend?
Are you a gay, trans, bi, asexual, questioning or QUILTBAG-friendly honey badger? If so, yes. But please don’t maul anyone.

I’m a Time Lord, can I attend?
Please bring one (1) bicurious, unmarried leggy Scottish redhead and/or one (1) gleefully bisexual future time agent as your plus one(s). But yes.

I’m not really into labels, can I still attend?
Look, seriously, as long as you’re down with the QUILTBAG crowd, aren’t looking to troll us, and don’t harass anyone, you’re welcome. In the words of Wil Wheaton, just don’t be a dick.


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