Red Fangirl Needs Funds Badly

Let me begin by saying that I hate to do this, particularly after so many of you donated so generously to help me kick ass at PAX East and I didn’t go nearly as far as I’d hoped in the Omegathon. But there have been some unpleasant surprises in the last couple weeks, especially in the wake of the con, and the fact of the matter is that I need to pass the hat again and ask you for anything you feel comfortable giving. I’ve set up a new fundraising drive and this time I’m asking for…well, more than I was last time. But every little bit will help.

Getting into specifics, those unpleasant surprises I mentioned are, namely, a $1500 bill from my recent hospital stay (and I have unfortunately confirmed that my insurance will not cover it) and the slow but inevitable decline of my faithful laptop, Kara. I have a lot of other bills I really need to get around to paying, and money has been generally tight for my family for a while, but those are the main problems I’m facing this very second. I did start a new job today, but obviously I won’t be paid for a little while and a lot of my paycheck is going to go to day-to-day expenses. I’ve sold just about everything I could think to sell – and could bear to part with – on eBay already to pay other expenses, so that’s not an option at this point. I’m tapped out and I could really use some help closing up this gap.

Look, this isn’t a matter of life and death. I’m not going to keel over if I don’t meet my funding goals. But things are not great right this second, and I’m forced to ask for help again. If you like the blog, and if you would like the blog to continue past the point where my current laptop dies (because, honestly, if I have to borrow my father’s computer or hit up my local library to use the Internet, I won’t be able to update as often), then please consider giving something. Anything will be greatly appreciated and immediately put to use – the beauty of GoFundMe is that the funds become immediately available as soon as payment goes through, less the fees they charge for their services, and so I can start paying off bills right away. If you can’t give anything, please consider giving me a signal boost. The more people who see this, the more likely I am to hit my goals.

I’m setting my initial goal at $5000. That’ll cover the medical bill, a new laptop, and a whole lot of family expenses and sundry debts, even after GoFundMe takes their cut. Anything past that…well, that’ll be huge. And it’ll go to good use. There are always more bills to pay, there are projects I want to start in the coming months that could use some seed money, and just…having some breathing room financially, some cash to spare, would be really, really great. I’ll try to do some nice things for the donors. I don’t know what just yet, because I’m a little too freaked out to think clearly about it, but I will think of something.

Whether you donate or not…thanks for reading. Thank you for your support, even if all you can spare are vibes. Whether I manage to make enough from donations to cover my looming debts or not, I truly do appreciate everything you all have done, and I promise I’ll keep going, keep doing what I’ve been doing, just as long as I can.

Click here to donate.


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